A digital design studio in South Korea.
We are specialized in Identity Design, Graphic User Interface Design and Micro website Development.
The studio is led by Kyung-ho Oh (Graphic Designer).

  • 2020

    In 2020, we are focusing on working with international clients except with domestic and the internal project (MOFFICE) will be done.

    • MOFFICE(Enterprise mobility eco-system) web-based application development
  • 2019

    This year, we change our way working into small-amount of projects (less than 3 projects) which are fitted on us.

    • Micro and Nano Transducers Lab at KAIST website development
    • 대전 테크노** ******센터 website development
    • 부산 해양*******센터 infographics
  • 2018

    In this year, we were focusing on finding valuabled projects which are helping us improvements of design power.

    • Training at San Jose Univ. for Software & design management
    • (주)SR, Keynote design for IR
    • PatternUp, Editorial design (Business card, brochure design)
    • PatternUp, Web application development
  • 2017

    In this year, we were focusing on releasing our own product(ver 1.0).

    • KAIST Mankind of Engineering department website development
    • 창업성장기술개발사업, 중소기업청 (Enterprise mobility eco-system, MOFFICE)
    • PatternUp Corporate Identity development
    • UMAIN, Website development
    • PatternUp, Motion graphic design
    • PatternUp, Keynote design
  • 2016

    In this year, we were focusing on starting to develop our own product from gorvernmental fund and open the new business 'ANALYTIX'.

    • 창업성장기술개발사업, 중소기업청 (Enterprise mobility eco-system, MOFFICE)
    • 대전시청자미디어센터, Mobile web magazine
    • ANALYTIX, Website development
    • ANALYTIX, Corporate identity development
  • 2015

    We were focusing on having a lot of projects come to us.

    • 대전스마트벤처창업학교 Website service maintenance
    • 창조경제과학부장관표창 (지식서비스부문)
    • KAIST Mankind of Engineering department website development
    • KAIST Department of Bio and Brain website development
    • 대전스마트벤처창업학교 창업기업소개 Website development
    • SC-International Website development
    • 에듀나래 Search Engine Optimization
    • Concierge-Korea Website development
    • 에듀나래 Website development
    • 걸리버하우스 Website development
  • 2014
    • DAS-BOX Corporate Identity development
    • (주)남선기공 Brochure design
    • 2014 문화영상산업전 website development
    • KAIST 새내기행정처 Mobile website development
    • 2014 창업피크닉 멘토활동 (대전정보문화산업진흥원)
    • 여행 37.5 Website development
    • (주)남선기공 Website development
    • Ybrain Website development
    • FSCRS U.I design
  • 2013
    • 대전정보문화산업진흥원 지역스토리텔링 창작포털 website development
    • JAPAN TABACO INTERNATIONAL Consulting service for website development
    • 서원대학교 산학협력 MOU
    • KAIST Mankind of Engineering Department Website development
    • Close2Korea Website development
    • 2013 대전첨단영상산업전 Website development
    • Eucerin Korea Website development
  • 2012
    • 대전정보문화산업진흥원 지역스토리텔러 양성지원사업 Website development
    • 2012 대전드라마페스티벌 Website development
    • 통계청 2012인구총조사 Mobile application U.I design
    • 지식거래조건부 지원사업 (창업진흥원, 과제명: DesignPond)
    • KAIST AOC Website development
    • TEDxKAIST Website development
    • V-chart, Application U.I design
  • 2011
    • 4SoCial founded
    • GroupOn Korea CityBlog
    • 통계청이나라지표 모바일 U.I작업 참여

Our action, that is based on the culture of ours,
directs to the right ways
for beyond the purpose for our clients.

For Korean clients 견적서 요청 전 참고사항

  • 함께 작업하여 서로에게 좋은 효과를 낼 수 있는 프로젝트만 진행합니다.
  • 계약전, 작업에 대한 결정권을 가진 클라이언트 측 담당자 단 1명이(복수인원 불가)필요합니다.
  • 모든 작업은 계약과 계약금 입금확인 후 진행합니다. 따라서 계약전 시안작업은 진행하지 않습니다.
  • 최종 견적서는 수행내용 및 목표를 기반으로 목표에 최상의 결과를 얻기 위한 필수비용으로 비용에 대한 협의는 진행하지 않습니다.
위 내용을 참고하여 예상견적서를 요청하시기 바랍니다.
  • info@4social.co.kr
  • Business hours (KST, Korea Standard Time)
  • From 10 to 18 on Mon
  • From 09 to 18 on Tue ~ Thu
  • From 09 to 16 on Fri
  • We will reply for the request within 24hours in business time.

    24시간 이내로 이메일 회신드립니다.