They need a design language system.

Pattern Up is a technology service offering Digital Print Room Solutions and Customization Tools. We connect independent artists with companies around retail customers.


The primary goal of design language communications to customers and partners, for the purpose to maintain and build the identity to accord with and facilitate the corporate business objectives.

  • The design language is typically visualized by way of branding but it can also include things like product design, advertising, public relations etc..
  • The amounts to a corporate title, logo (logotype and/or logogram) and supporting devices commonly assembled within a set of corporate guidelines.
  • These guidelines govern how the identity is applied and usually include approved colour palettes, typefaces, page layouts, fonts, and others.


  1. Research for the field, the targets of the character and the lifestyle the service they want to be
  2. Define the business and corporation with some number of keywords
  3. Develop design language
  4. Deliver the design language and install the design language into the business and have bservation


While we search for the relative field and potential competitional service, we realised that the internet has already affected the world of textiles. Driven to provide consumer convenience, the majority of apparel manufacturer and retailers have created a virtual version of some aspects of their current physical environment.

A few textile manufacturers and fabric retailers have used the internet to go beyond their existing offerings, providing the consumer with a value-added internet experience such as customized online editorial system. Which means that there are strong competitions.

However, we discovered a point that the potential impact of the internet on the consumer, and on the industry, lies not in what the consumer sees and does on a computer, but in how retailers and manufacturers leverage the internet to meet both expressed and latent consumer needs.

The barriers to implementation lie more in the willingness of the members of the supply chain to redefine their policies and practices to take full advantage of internet technology.



Be a design in tech company. The service area is Korea.
Pattern Up is a technology service offering Digital Print Room Solutions and Customization Tools. it connects independent artists with companies around retail customers.


Main customers are females who are between the 20s and 40s who want to have own designed fabrics but not keen on using digital gears, some of the targets work at a small size interior design agency, some of the targets are a housewife who is interested in interior design.



We finaly delivered design language guide materials, brochures, business cards.