Department of Mechanical Engineering KAIST, Website Development

Period: Feb, 2016 ~ Jan, 2017
Client: Mankind Engineering Department KAIST
Role: Website dedign and development

We developed and designed a website that gives Mankind Engineering Department KAIST information for reaching to help students who belong to and potential students. The website consists of two types for Korean and English speakers.

The website includes:

  • Notification information regarding the shcool
  • Introduction (history, organization, contact)
  • Faculty, staff, student and alumni
  • Education (undergraduate, graduate, admission and Etc..)
  • Research
  • Support

We conducted doing case studies on international universities websites such as MIT, STANFORD engineering schools. Then we took some characteristics from each website of universities after that, we created three design drafts based on the research. After that, we shared those for selecting one and tidying up. Finally, we published the website.

Since the website launched, the school started to do SNS for spreading the attraction of the school.



1-1.The range of observation

MIT, Satanford Engineering

Stanford of Engineering

There are some problems on the website. The page analysis score is 66.2%. The aspect Design is rather well optimized. In particular, it should work on the Content Aspects.


MIT School of Engineering


2-1.Define content priority

  • Admission summary
  • Process
  • Reqiurment
  • Deadline
  • Fees
  • FAQs
  • Link to ''
  • Notification about admission
  • Event for applicants
  • Academic
  • Research
  • Life on KAIST
  • Research
  • Media sources


The office of admission consists of three departments as 'undergraduate, graduate and international' that they work independently. So they wanted to manage each the websites that relate to them.


  • 20years old
  • He belongs to the Department of Mechanical Engineering KAIST.
  • He often gets some in the information of the department from the website and feels that the website is not readable to figure out what he wants.
  • He could be the contents manager of the web-site. (He wouldn't want)
  • Looking to take the next step in his education
  • Wants to obtain an undergraduate degree in Computing Science or Engineering.
  • Figure out more about KAIST admission information and program.
  • Find tuition information

Kyungho was born in Korea and the oldest child in the family. His parents, both of them have Bachelor degrees. They care a great deal about Kyungho’s future and would like to see him obtain the university degree and then go next step. At this moment, Kyungho is not really sure about his future carer plans.

Competition into the universities like POTSTEC and SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY is fierce. Admission into the more popular like Computing Science or Engineering requires minimum high school average of 90%~95%. He is concern that he may not be accepted. So he is looking into University admission information carefully to how to smoothly reach there.

He knows how to find the information online. His favourite tools include Google and Naver. However, he is not fond of reading long, application information. Hw always wondering if there are some requirements, deadlines or other pieces of information that he missed.

3.Wireframe Prototypes


We were concentrated on easy to get information what the users want.

  • Made the navigation structure to be simple.
  • Centred on the notification contents
  • Tried to make an environment where contents manager is able to create contents easier and efficiently. (The important concern due to students will manage..)


We were in charge of the content management platform that is without putting contents.

  • The main color theme is blue that is same as KAIST identity color.
  • We tried to use grid design style. (Hope the content managers who belong to MEKAIST, follow the design guide.)


If we had more time, we would spend more time on research and ideation to explore different solutions. we want to investigate more on how the targets get some information from the website.

And the content management role is now charged to the students who are not specialized in. So the website has been untidy. As you can see.