SR Slideshow Design for Investment Relation


Design a slideshow for investors who jurdge to consider to investment.
  • The object is able to make easy understand the business model and strategy
  • Give a positive impression that make interesting
  • Making a decision to invest KRW 20bn to the company


We conducted research on the solar energy industry field to find out about their hardships and needs when they go to the investment step.
  • Based on the research data gathered, we analyzed and created contents maps.This helped us to understand the solar energy industry field better so that we could design a better solution for them.
  • So, the two ideas with different characteristics were generated and presented to our peers for feedback and evaulation.
  • Ultimately, with multiple iterations, we came up with a slideshow which is a simple and readable.
Duration: 2018 July
Client: SR(Korea)



For our research, we initially conducted quick and open ended (unstructured) interviews to find out the current problems that the company face. Then, with the focus on investment, we conducted several semi-structured interviews and contextual inquiries to better understand the needs.

Short, open ended interview - We eventually narrowed down on designing a solution for a better slideshow design and contents. Semi-structured interview - once we defined the issue areas, we wanted to confirm that the issue persists with our users. Semi structured interview was a great way to gather detailed feedback and responses on their experience. We aimed to discover the current problems and hardships in addition to positive or surprising experiences.

Contextual inquiry - Following the semi-structured interviews, we thought it was necessary to do some contextual inquiries so that we could witness their behaviors and processes at the store. So, we recruited several people for the study and shadowed them along while they carried out their goals and during that, we asked them to do a think-aloud (ex. of what they are trying to accomplish and why they are going in such routes and etc). While the parcticipants walked around the store, we took notes and videos for reference. After they were done with everything, we asked them some follow-up questions for more insight on their specific actions and emotions.


Below is the previous version of slideshow that SR made. As you may see, this material expressed two more main information each pages. Therefore,

2.Affinity map

After researching, we did brain storming for developing contents. In this step, we took some keywords.


  • The time of presentation: 10mins
  • The number of slideshow: around 10pages, a page per one min
  • 1. Introduction

    • The main business is building solar power plants
    • Provision of power generation information to power generation companies and maintenance management
    2. 팀

    • SR의 팀은 고품질 시공을 목적으로 보다 뛰어난 원재료 선정과 완공 후 지속적으로 높은 효율의 발전을 유지하기 위한 기술개발 집중

    3. Indicators

    • SR is expected to generate sales of W11.0bn in the previous year and W30.0bn in 2018 (current order value of W60.0bn)
    • Increase R & D workforce (Currently, 5 researchers)
    • Continuous recruitment 3 people in 2016, 18 people in 2018
    4. Market statues

    • According to the government's supply and demand plan, a solar power plant with 4 trillion won each year needs to be built in order to secure 20% of new and renewable energy
    • Rapidly increasing the number of solar power plants in Korea
    • The service level of the maintenance system is not improved
    5. Issues
    • Solar power plant systems have a tendency to 'deteriorate power generation efficiency' due to aging of hardware system and changing external environment as time goes by
    • The unit has the function that collects the existing power generation data and the collection amount without functions that expresses the quantity of efficiency to be data.

    6. Solution

    • Establish environment that detects various issues by analyzing and providing information to managers promptly.
    • Monitor solar generation and compare data obtained from various environments to analyze current solar generation efficiency objectively.
    7. Technolgy

    • Solar Edge Inverter, Installing an optimizer, Solar panel monitoring technology with IoT
    • Technology that build database by using temperature sensor and energy sensor, and operating environment by finding optimal power generation condition.
    8. Market
    • Maintaining field in Korea

    9. 경쟁력
    • A detailed monitoring function is be able to allow relatively accurate management of currency issues costless and time saving for maintenance.
    10. Investment plan

    • we have a plan to invest in development of advanced customer relationship management that is the system with IoT monitoring function.
    11. Contact information

    • IR contact information

    4.Design guide

    Colour Theme

    Main Color R:0 G:0 B:51 A:0.7
    Font Color #FFFFFF
    Graph Color 1 #FFFFFF
    Graph Color 2 R:102 G:0 B:0 A:0.6
    Graph Color 3 R:0 G:51 B:0 A:0.6
    Graph Color 4 R:0 G:0 B:51 A:0.6
    Graph Color 5 R:255 G:153 B:51 A:1


    We felt that

    As even I always have known, squeezing exceptional ideas is harder than I thought. A cup of coffee and changing atmosphere could be better for making better idea.